How to Escape the Seasonal Trap Using Predictive Bid Management

Saisonal changes

Every year, PPC managers are faced with the same situation: as soon as the weather warms up, consumers tend to immediately stop buying winter clothes. As a result, bid management inevitably hits a wall for certain periods of time.

This is because many bid management algorithms are derived from retrospective performance data. Calculating optimal bids based on recent performance is a powerful approach for most bid management scenarios. However, retrospective bidding will lead to a dead end when consumer demand changes quickly. In the end, past performance drivers may remain in hibernation and advertisers are doomed to miss out on potential profits once seasonal conditions change – unless these keywords see a significant increase in their Max CPCs.

Against this background, I will describe to you two simple procedures that have already helped one of our clients in the fashion industry to escape this seasonal trap after updating their product range to spring/summer. These steps will give you a clear idea of how to test maximum bids (Max CPCs) based on last year’s performance data and how to do the necessary fine-tuning of the bids during the testing period.  Continue reading »


3 new AdWords Features for Simpler Multi-Channel Reporting

For advertisers who have multiple campaigns in search-, display-, and shopping networks and track a variety of advertising goals, reporting is a slow and laborious task – until now. Google has just introduced three new features which simplify reporting across multiple campaign types and goals considerably.  Continue reading »


Google AdWords Bug Causes Quality Scores to Drop Massively

As Search Engine Journal has reported and our employees can confirm, Google AdWords is currently experiencing massive technical problems. The result has been a considerable drop in Quality Scores across all AdWords accounts, for both brand- and non-brand campaigns, of between 3 and 6 points! Brand campaigns seem to be affected most severely.

At our request, a Google employee shared with us that the problem is most likely just an issue with Quality Score reporting and that other auction time signals of quality, such as bids, should not be affected. Nonetheless, we’ve seen cost increases of up to 250%!

*update 30/03* The bug on quality score reporting has been fixed according to ‘AdWords Ads’ on G+. Within crealytics, all quality scores seem to be back to normal and CPCs back to being stable again. Nevertheless, we saw increased costs for some of our customers regarding brand traffic…
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75% don’t buy what they’ve searched for on Google Shopping!

Überraschendes zu Google Shopping

A Google user searches for a particular product, sees the corresponding product listing ad, clicks on it, and makes a purchase. Common sense would have us believe that this is normally the case. But, is this actually true? The following analysis shows that only in rare cases do users buy exactly what they were searching for. This insight calls many advertisers’ strategies into question.  Continue reading »


Product Ratings for Google Shopping Now Available in Europe

Yesterday, Inside AdWords announced the roll out of product ratings for product listing ads to Germany, France and the United Kingdom. Who, what, how, why – we answer your most important questions concerning this new feature.  Continue reading »


How to Write, Test and Optimise Effective AdWords Ad Copies

A great AdWords ad is the doorstep to your online shop. It should be outstanding, relevant, perfectly reflecting the search query and wow the users. To achieve this, our CEO Andreas Reiffen presents several options in a new presentation on slideshare. Amongst others are value propositions, call-to-actions and promotions. Check it out!  Continue reading »


AdWords Scripts Experiment: Working Outside of the AdWords User Interface

Every experienced PPC manager knows them: AdWords Scripts. With these small JavaScript tools, minor tasks in AdWords can be automated neatly. This not only makes daily tasks easier, it also saves valuable time. As I began to deal with AdWords Script functions more closely, at some point, I asked myself: is it possible to work with AdWords Scripts outside of the user interface? Is it possible to add data from Google Drive to an account using Google API and AdWords Scripts? I decided to find out.  Continue reading »