Only for AdWords Geeks: Ad Analysis on Search Term Level


The quality of your ads is decisive when determining the quality factor and, thus, the competitive capacity of your keywords in the context of an AdWords auction. Split tests provide one measure to continuously improve your ad quality. But which ones are the ads that perform the best? The majority of PPC managers consider the average click-through rate – adjusted for the ad’s position – to be the most important criterion.

In certain cases, however, it has proved useful to go into further detail. What are the search terms behind these average values? Is ad A really getting placed for the same search terms as ad B, or are we comparing apples and oranges here?

The AdWords client center allows you to analyse your ads’ performance on search term level in order to find answers to the questions above. You don’t know how to go about this? I’ll show you… Continue reading »


Event Review: Performance Marketing Insights


From 23 to 24 June, Performance Marketing Insights was hosted for a second consecutive time at the Estrel Hotel in Berlin. The event welcomed almost 700 international visitors, the majority of which were publishers, affiliate networks, tool providers, and agencies.

Both days were packed with diverse topics: there were three continuous tracks of talks, panel discussions and best-practice examples. Discussions focused largely on creating and targeting content, while different panel discussions provided insights about the activities and priorities of the scene’s heavyweights.
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38% of AdWords Revenue in Online Retail Comes from Long Tail Keywords


PPC managers often tend to focus on areas that receive the most traffic. However, search queries that only generate a few clicks (so-called “long tails”) may also contribute significantly to generating revenues, and may represent important performance drivers.

The long-tail theory is based on the works of Malcolm Gladwell and refers to the online sale of niche products. The central idea is that even products of little demand may generate high sales figures in total, since they generally have a much wider reach online.

Using example data from an online fashion retailer, I have analysed the long-tail traffic potential, and indeed, I discovered that it contains great potential that often goes to waste. In the following, I will explain this potential in more detail.  Continue reading »


Useful Insights into Ad Extensions – Part 3: Callout Extensions

One important step to improve your performance level involves optimising your click-through rate (CTR). In this context, ad extensions may act as an important lever which is why we’re been paying close attention to this topic over the past few weeks. In the first two articles of the series, my colleagues Magdalene and Natascha shared their insights about automatic ad extensions and sitelinks. Today’s entry will focus on the topic of callout extensions and how they impact CTR.  Continue reading »


Event Review: Retail@Google

retail@googleFrom June 17 to 18, we were invited to the Retail@Google event 2015 in Dublin. The two days were tightly packed with many interesting sessions about the retail business in general, about the future of Shopping, a general outlook on how the world economy might look like in 2030, upcoming challenges and of course about useful Google tools that will support retailers in their daily business. We would like to share the key takeaways from the most interesting sessions with you.  Continue reading »


Upgraded URL: Workaround for Basic Upgrade Error

On July 1st, Google will begin the final phase-in of its Upgraded URL migration. As a reminder, Upgraded URLs let you enter the landing page portion of your URL and your tracking information separately in AdWords. This is already live for Google Shopping campaigns and now we’re in the final phase for Google Search campaigns. In order to keep your ad performance data after the upgrade (impressions, clicks, etc.) and to not trigger a policy review of your ads, there are different upgrade options, amongst others the manual upgrade option ‘Basic’. It seems though that AdWords is still struggling with an error for this upgrade option. We have worked out a workaround which at least in most cases makes one-time redirects possible.  Continue reading »


Event Review: Think with Google

Think with Google

Source: Google

On 18 June 2015, Google hosted its second “Think with Google” conference in Hamburg. More than 500 marketing experts attended the annual conference under the motto “Turn Data into Growth” in the Fish Auction Hall. “Think with Google” was the fastest booked-out event ever hosted by Google Germany. This year’s agenda included exciting talks on topics such as “Choosing the Correct KPIs”, “An Integrated Analysis of the Customer Journey”, and “Efficient Growth Accelerators”. Mitch Joel, author and marketing mastermind, was also among the speakers. In the following, I will briefly summarise the (in my opinion) most important aspects of the conference.
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Video: Probabilistic Modelling with Scala

In April I did a talk at Scalar Conference in Warsaw, Poland, about “Probabilistic modelling with Scala“. The host now released a video of my talk which must not remain confidential.

In the talk I give you an introduction to probabilistic modelling and Bayesian Networks and show you an example analysis done in Scala.

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Recap: iOS 9 Adblocker and Googles New Shopping Feed Specification


It’s Monday, it’s time for our recap. Last week brought some concerning news for advertisers in terms of Apple’s new operating system iOS 9, which might block mobile ads in Safari. On top of that, we heard about updates in Google’s product feed specifications and product taxonomy, as well as celebrated the premiere of the ‘New Platform Advertising’ conference.  Continue reading »