Did You Know About Google’s Best Practices?

Google Best Practice

Especially in the beginning, advertisers might have a few questions about AdWords and how to form a great foundation for high-quality paid search campaigns.

What can they do to answer these questions? They can surf the web, search on Google, ask experts and read blogs like ours. In addition, they can also use Google’s own Education area within the AdWords Help Center. As an elementary feature of it, the Best Practice Series includes great insights into the following areas:

  • Keywords & Targeting
  • Ads
  • Bidding
  • Process & Productivity
  •  Mobile
  • Shopping

Advertisers will find guides, checklists and videos about various topics such as “Creative That Clicks” or “Shape Up Your Shopping Campaigns”. All these contents are “based on Google’s internal data and vetted by the people that built AdWords.”

We suggest that you, even as a professional, have a look at it. It could be worthwhile.


The most important criteria to look for in your professional PPC tracking solution

The basis of PPC advertising is clean, reliable data. Profit maximisation is impossible if the click and conversion data are not as reliable as possible. This sounds ludicrously facile and self-explanatory. But as soon as you take a closer look, it is evident that collecting reliable data isn’t at all easy.

The process of identifying a suitable tracking solution is crucial for any company that heavily relies on PPC advertising. The following detailing may help you to identify the right solution for your company.

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Crealytics Ranked Third at This Year’s Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Awards


What we already knew has been officially confirmed by Deloitte: crealytics is one of the fastest growing technology companies in Germany.

Our Head of Campaign Management Torsten travelled to Hamburg yesterday to attend the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 award show and to accept the award for third place!

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Shopping Without Borders – A Recap of This Year’s NEOCOM


This year’s NEOCOM (October 29th and 30th) took place under the motto “Internationalization strategies – how to win millennial customers in Europe and abroad” and began with the awards ceremony for the coveted NEOCOM awards. One went to IKEA Germany GmbH for their catalog 2015. The so-called “bookbook” is their main marketing tool and cleverly being orchestrated in all relevant channels. Don’t miss the video “Experience the power of a bookbook”:

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Cédric Deniau to be new CTO at crealytics

We welcome Cédric Deniau as our new Chief Technology Officer. He is responsible for the further development of the semantic pay-per-click advertising technology camato, which has been officially available since September 2012. Furthermore, he will carry on the expansion and professionalisation of the 24-person IT department in both Berlin and Passau.

Cédric Deniau

Born in France, Cédric Deniau has more than 15 years experience in the areas of software development and Internet technology, as well as in leading cross-functional teams. The majority of his career has been spent in the U.S.A., where he was, among other things, Director of Engineering for and WagerWorks.Inc, and CTO and Executive VP Product for In 2010, Deniau moved to Berlin and joined freenet digital GmbH (formerly Jesta Digital GmbH), where he has worked as Senior Vice-President of Product Operations.

“Cédric combines exceptional abilities in the areas of technology, product development and management. He has proven again and again in a multitude of positions that he can successfully lead young teams in a flexible environment, and move products forward decisively,” says Andreas Reiffen, our founder and managing director.


{Keyword: Keyword} versus {Keyword: Default text} and its influence on the quality score


Keyword insertion is a controversial and frequently discussed topic. Google introduced the feature to allow its users to dynamically update their ad texts with the keyword that is used to target the ad. If, for example, the keyword “golf shoes” is triggered by a customer’s search, keyword insertion allows you to use “golf shoes” in your ad text, e.g. in the headline, to emphasise the relevance of your ad.

But then again, ads with keyword insertion tend to not read so well, especially if the plain keyword is used as insertion text inside the brackets. A default text – without the actual keyword – might provide relief and be the better solution. But does it impact the quality score if you use a default text instead of the keyword? Let’s put things to the test!

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Google’s Holiday Shopping Checklist: 10 Tips for a Successful Christmas Season

Christmas Shopping

Google recently published a holiday shopping checklist so that advertisers can prepare themselves for christmas shopping season. We have wrapped the tips up for you:

  1. Forecast your budget and set KPIs: You can, for example, look at your last year’s budget for the holidays.
  2. Set your promotional calendar: Decide what you want to promote when.
  3. Establish a crisis-response plan: i.e. who can fix what problem and how long does it take.
  4. Expand coverage of increased holiday queries: Do you have all seasonally relevant keywords in your account?
  5. Promote your best-converting ads: Stop A/B testing, pick your winner and convince users with your compelling ads.
  6. Prioritize your holiday merchandise and top-performers: Focus on products and keywords that will drive the most volume.
  7. Target on-the-go shoppers: Locally adjust your bids to mobile shoppers and engage users on the go with relevant ad extensions.
  8. Maximize the relevance of your ads: Use ad extensions like sitelinks to draw attention on your ads.
  9. Check you’re not going dark midday or mid-season: If budget is limited, watch your burn rate!
  10. Target easy-wins if you need more volume: Bid more aggressively on keywords or products that drive the most profit but have low impression share.

Happy and successful christmas season!


Case Study: How reduced its cost-to-revenue ratio by 19%

Case Study WirWinzer

Every now and then, we think it’s ok to do some self-promoting and to share insights with you from our work with some of the most successful online retailers. Today, we want to illustrate how WirWinzer, one of the most popular German online wine distributors, strengthens its market position and achieves further growth through paid search using our technology ‘camato‘ and our expertise.

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From Retail to Me-Tail: a recap of etailment Summit 2.014


The eTailment Summit & Expo 2.014 was held in the stunning location of the former airport Berlin-Tempelhof on October 8th and 9th, 2014. The organization group composed of bevh, dfv Mediengruppe and the conference group came up with a sophisticated program supported by famous partners from the e-commerce, fulfilment, logistic, media, payment and retail industry.

With this year’s motto “From Retail to Me-Tail”, the eTailment summit emphasized on almost every aspect of nowadays needs of the (more or less) educated, connected, modern, digital, mobile and global society, their individuals and how the industry tries to cope with new challenges to satisfy them. The more individuals are willing to divulge their personal data (experts in this sector argue that Facebook profiles are worth more than sinus milieu information), and the more the industry takes advantage of this data the higher the call for protection of personal data.

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